About Dora

Austrian-born Certified Straightness Training Instructor Dora Hebrock began her horse career as a teenager, tending horses and other animals on a farm in the Italian countryside. She later studied equine management at the Austrian Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Tullnerbach while obtaining her licenses in dressage, jumping, and driving, as well as her instructor’s license in vaulting. During research for her graduation thesis on the natural asymmetry of the horse, Dora discovered Marijke de Jong’s Straightness Training Program and began her studies with Marijke in 2013. She simultaneously started the pursuit of becoming a Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional through Liberated Horsemanship. In 2016, she married a fellow Hoof Care Professional, moved to the USA, and qualified for training to become a Straightness Training Instructor. In 2017, she completed her certifications as both a Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional and Straightness Training Instructor and is now the only one of the twelve ST Instructors worldwide who is currently living in the USA. Since 2018, Dora has taught Straightness Training throughout the USA, in Canada, and Austria.