Why Straightness Training?

Straightness Training is not the only correct way of working with horses; there are many good methods, trainers and teachers out there. My reasons for choosing Straightness Training over any of them are:

  • Straightness Training always starts with why. Whenever there is a problem, we need to investigate what causes it in order to find a long-lasting and effective solution. 
  • It is based on the teachings of the old Grandmasters of the Art of Riding: Pluvinel, Gueriniere, Steinbrecht. This is the real, correct way to train horses for long-term soundness and maximum strength and performance, as these Masters trained horses for the very difficult and strenuous requirements of warfare. This made them highly valuable horses whose longevity was important. There are no short cuts or look-alikes – it’s the real deal.
  • ST does not only use old methods from the old Riding Masters, but also modern concepts of horse and animal training (actually, if you read the Masters, these concepts are not as modern as they seem – only their terminology).
  • We not only work with the physical side of the horse, but also with its mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in order to achieve overall balance, health and longevity; therefore Straightness Training is for the horse, not the horse for Straightness Training.
  • There are 5 different ways of working with a horse; we call these the 5 Pillars: Groundwork, Longeing, Work in Hand, Riding and Liberty. So if a horse cannot be ridden, or a human is unable to ride, the work on the ground can still contribute to the horse’s gymnastic development.
  • It’s totally addictive. The more you get into it, the more you want.
  • It can be taught anywhere in the world due to the online course.
  • There’s a fantastic online worldwide community of ever-supportive ST students who keep each other motivated and help each other out.
  • ST is built up in logical, progressive exercises to build horses up step-by-step.
  • ST is all about Self Mastery, as our self is the only being we can really change.
  • It can be added on to any equestrian discipline in order to supple and strengthen any horse.
  • It can be taught to any breed of horse.
  • Horses of all ages benefit from ST, given they are old enough to be exercised. It’s great for starting horses before adding a rider, and old horses benefit as well, as it keeps them moving, strong, and supple into old age.
  • It can be learned by any student with any level of proficiency.
  • Straightness Training fixes riding problems as well as mental/behavioral problems and physical issues.