This is the list of services that I currently provide. Please contact me via email or by phone if you would like to set up an appointment for one or more of these.

+1 (330)-803-2043

Online Lessons through ST Evaluation

As part of Marijke’s Straightness Training Mastery Program, she has also developed a very successful online lesson program called ST Evaluation, where students film a predetermined sequence of exercises and upload the footage to YouTube in order for the Evaluators to give written feedback and tips for further improvement.
Check out for more info and to submit an Evaluation request.

Additional Online Coaching

After having received written feedback through an online lesson, students have the possibility to consult me in a phone or Skype conversation should they have any questions or require more detailed information or explanation.

Adjacent Online Coaching

This is for people who would like help with their Straightness Training or with their riding or horse in general outside of the Evaluation Program. It can take place in the form of email coaching, via WhatsApp, and coaching through Skype sessions, with or without the use of previously-recorded video footage.

Online Rider Seat Lesson

In real-time skype lessons, I aim to help riders find their “home seat” and improve balance as well as the effectiveness of seat and leg aids. This can be done in the form of ground exercises and on horseback. Please check out the section “Rider Seat Lessons” above for more information.

Straightness Training Workshops

A Workshop consists of 6 active participants and their horses and can either be private with no auditors or public, with up to 15 auditors and can last anywhere from 1 to 5 days. The typical Workshop goes on for two days and includes a theory lecture at the beginning of each day, 3 to 4 individual lessons for each rider/horse team (either at 25- or 50-minute length), followed by a question-and-answer session at the end of each day for participants and auditors. Workshops are a very good way to learn about ST in-depth, as each student not only has their own lesson but is also able to audit the other participants’ lessons as well as the theory lectures. For auditors, it’s a good way to see the depth and variety in Straightness Training by watching 6 different teams as well as listen to and participate in the lectures. A workshop is also a great way to start and expand the ST community. 

I teach ST Workshops all over the USA, in Canada, and Austria.

Straightness Training Lessons

I teach individual lessons of 50 minutes in locations of up to 1.5 hours’ drive from my home in Akron, Ohio. Trailer-in lessons at Kachina Farms, Clinton, Ohio, 44316, are possible, as well as lessons with my two horses at Kachina Farms.

Rider Seat Lessons

Our seat is our primary aid in riding that cannot be removed, or not used. So in order to use as few and fine aids as possible as the ultimate goal in the art of riding, developing a good seat is essential. I teach seat lessons in the form of exercises on the ground as well as on horseback, in the form of longe lessons in which the student is able to fully concentrate on refining her or his seat without having to worry about guiding the horse, but also off the longe line. I am certified by and in continuing education with Hanna Engström, a rider seat specialist native to Sweden. Check out Hanna’s website here:
Hanna’s philosophy is one that fits in perfectly with my own as well as with Straightness Training.

Straightness Training Theory Lectures

The theory lectures last for about an hour and cover any of the varied topics of Straightness Training Theory. As ST is all about the WHY, its theory serves as a plan for practical training, and so is an important part of this program. Marijke calls this “Think first, act later”, and it helps avoid problems from arising in the first place.

Straightness Training Demos

I am happy to do small demonstrations of Straightness Training with my two horses for a small group of students. They can be done in individual pillars of ST or up to all five pillars of ST – namely Groundwork, Longeing, Work in Hand, Riding and Liberty – and last for about 60 to 90 minutes.

Horse Training

Straightness Training gives every horse a brilliant foundation for any discipline. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to teach a horse these foundations, starting with Groundwork and expanding to the other 5 pillars of Longeing, Work in Hand, Riding, and Liberty if and when each individual horse is ready to move on to the subsequent pillars and exercises. In ST, we teach our horses to bend, stretch their topline, and support their center of mass with their inside hind leg from the ground before riding the horse. This makes the transition to riding smooth and easy for all parties involved.

Hoof Care

As a Certified Hoof Care Professional with Liberated Horsemanship, I offer hoof trims, hoof health consultations, and hoof boot fittings. Check out the Hoof Care section for more information.

Hoof Care Field Instruction

I offer Field Instruction Days for students who have attended Liberated Horsemanship Gateway to Hoof Care Clinics and are looking to deepen and expand their knowledge and hands-on experience. 
Check out this link for more details.

Online Hoof Care Consultation

If you live too far for me to come out and look at your horse’s feet, an online consultation via Skype, email or phone is a possible alternative. I will need photos and/or video footage of clean hooves taken from specific angles in order have an as accurate as possible picture of the state of your horse’s feet.